Saturday, August 13, 2011

36 hours left of summer vacay

Despite my BYOC yesterday, I successfully washed, dried, folded and put away all of our laundry today!! The only unwashed clothes are the ones on our backs. I feel completely accomplished!!

And, I worked on my back-to-school bulletin board. I love spending time working on things for my classroom. This year I've decided to transition from the "kindergarten" theme I've had for the past six years to a more "mature" motif.

My "theme" is purple (of course), lime green and zebra. Chris says it looks like Barney had sex with a zebra. But I like it!!

Also, today I got another surprise from my secret bandit. I'm almost convinced she is a teacher because she is sending me great stuff that I can use when I go back to school next week. First, a CD full of relaxation music and now this:

with great words of inspiration!!!

I am feeling like the worst secret bandit ever. I ordered the most perfect gift...and it still hasn't come in yet!!!

Now, I must confess that I am totally dreading tomorrow's weigh-in. After being basically an invalid and no some not-so-stellar eating  my scale is not cutting me any slack. It always seems that when I go out for Mexican, I have to do it two days in a row!!! Thursday was lunch with the mother-in-law and Friday was lunch with mom.

Hopped on the scale this morning and the 2-teens were gone. =( And, this medicine I'm taking is making my back feel much better...BUT one of the side potty!!! Like I need any help with that!!!


  1. its not me....or is it? or isn't it??

    good luck with school!!! I have one more week!

  2. Barney having sex with a zebra? LMAO - love that.

  3. I have always loved back to school season even though I don't have kids and am not a teacher ... I think I am just a school supply/office supply whore ! Love Mexican food !

  4. I love back to school time too. I don't even have kids. I love the back to school aisle at the grocery store with the folders, pencils, backpacks ets. I almost always have a hankerin to have a kid around this time of year. Perhaps I should just start helping buy stuff for my niece for back to school instead! Hee hee.