Sunday, August 28, 2011

It's Weigh In Day

I realized this morning as I hopped on the scale that I never posted last week's weigh in. I blame my painting marathon. So, picture one is last week.


And, for your morning's weigh in.
Seriously, blogger?? Why you do that to me??
And, I totally forgot to tell you the best news. We have a new science teacher this year. She comes to us from the big city - Houston!! And Friday I found out that not only is she a certified Zumba instructor but also a personal trainer. Can I get a WHOOP??? H to the yeah!! I will be making a new BFF tomorrow morning. AND I will be getting the wheels turning for an after school Zumba class and begging her to be my trainer!!!

Oh, yeah...about the challenge....have we all been so bad that we are being punished??? Or have I missed the weekly updates??? I swear we haven't had one in weeks.


  1. I was thinking the exact same thing.....there hasn't been a weigh in posted in the last 2 weeks....I understand that some people haven't been sending their weigh in's in....but why do the people sending theirs in be penalized.....I paid my $10 bucks and I'm sending mine what's up???

  2. I think maybe they just don't want us to know who's leading? (*cough*NOT ME!*cough*)

    Great loss for the week! :)

  3. Three pounds this week?? You. Are. Awesome. or muy bueno (I think I'm cool when I pretend to know another language).

  4. So thrilled for you!! What a great loss.

    I would imagine our Boobs coordinators are busy. :) Hopefully we'll get an update this week. I'm certain I'm still behind Becky though! :)

  5. Ew! I wanna a zumba certified teacher friend!! Look at ur awesomee weight loss this week!!!

  6. You're doing sooooo great!! And WHOOOT WHOOT for the new BFF Zumba instrustor/trainer!!

  7. Don't worry I can read a scale at any angle!! Great loss and love your new bestie-Zumba Queen!!!