Thursday, August 11, 2011

Going postal.

If I had some TNT and bomb-building knowledge I would totally be posting from the slammer tonight!!

First of all, I went to my hubby's doctor this morning for my back. I called yesterday, told them my ailment, the office manager/Dr's wife made my appointment.

I sign in and tell the receptionist - who is a total white-trash Betty - I was a new patient. She asks me why I'm there - um, business?? Get you some! - and when I say my back she quickly let me know that Dr. O (not a pseudonym...his name is Dr. O) does not "do backs." Then her partner in crime says snarkily, "He won't write you any pain meds." Like I was some common friggin' addict. I remained calm and very lady-like and told them I still wanted to see the doc.

So, after a short wait I was in the back, seeing Dr. O. I am pretty sure he is related to Draz's Chinese massage therapist. (un)Fortunately he didn't tell me that "nussing" was wrong...he said I have strained MUSCLES in my lower back and I got to hear his famous line, "Oh ya, I write you a med-ee-k-shun."

I so wanted to go back out to the front desk and slap old white-trash Betty in the face with my prescription for pain med-ee-k-shun.

Off to the pharmacist I hobble. Now, I would of course need a new batch of dynamite for this place. CVS must really scrape the bottom of the barrel when they hire pharmacy techs. Turned in my script, lied and said I was going to wait so they would hurry. Went to Wal Mart came back and guess what??? They hadn't even LOOKED at my prescription yet. Grr... Went to lunch. Returned. They checked me out. I looked in the bag, only one of my med-ee-k-shuns was in there. I asked where the other one was. They said, "Oh we couldn't read what it said."

So??? Do you have a phone?? A tin can??? Smoke signals???

After they finally figured out what it said I stood there and watched the pharmacist fill four other prescriptions before he decided to work on mine. Argh.

I came home, took my meds and went off to dreamland for four glorious hours. Best sleep I've had in a week!! I woke up and was able to bend my body without crying!!! I suppose all of the ca-ca of the day was worth it!!!

I am going to get my hair did tomorrow. By a former student. Let's hope I didn't tick her off at some point and she is seeking revenge!!!

Today, I'm thankful that I didn't have dynamite. I don't do vertical stripes. Spending time in the pokey is not my idea of fun.


  1. Too funny. Where do they get these people. If you have a job working with the public then you need to have a better attitude.

    That is my pet peeve.

  2. Oh my, I can't believe some people! Hope you are on your way to feeling better!

  3. Haa!! Hope you are feeling better today!! Going to get my meds filled always ALWAYS puts me in an awful mood!

  4. Awwww, poor you Jess, but I loved the part about the phones, tin cans or smoke signals! Hahaha, you crack me up lady.

  5. SO GLAD you got some relief!! (also glad the dynamite was elusive) You are too funny!!!
    Have a great, pain free weekend!

  6. LOL wow.. the sad part is, there are people like this EVERYwhere... and theyre multiplying quickly lol great post

  7. I HATE CVS! They are absolutely worthless. And it seems so hard to find a good doctor's office nowawdays. Even if the doc's great...the office staff usually sucks. Glad the pain meds are helping!

  8. That sounds so ridiculously frustrating. Let's just hope they deciphered the script properly and didn't give you something crazy lol

  9. White trash Betty and pharmacist dummy need a good slapping... I approve that action. lol