Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Au Naturale

Nope, nudity here. No need to send the kiddos to bed. Heads out of the gutter please!!!

So, I had this blog in mind while I was taking a shower (yes, I was au naturale....but that's not the moral of this story.) I usually refrain from "talking" in detail about people I know on here, but I just had to take a survey and see if I'm the minority on this particular issue.

Tonight my former track buddy met me for a quick 3 mile hike...(in the blistering Texas heat which was still in the upper 90's at 8PM btw). We haven't walked together in about a year. She's married to one of my hubby's oldest friends...they have two little ones. In the past 3-4 years she has switched her family to "everything natural and organic." I'm not on the bandwagon with that one....



But, whatever blows your skirt up...go for it!! During our huffing and puffing she's told me about various products she prefers...lemme give you a run-down...
  • Organic Baby food
  • Organic diapers
  • They switched to Sierra Mist when they went all natural
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Ant "poison" - I don't get that one at all....what are you gonna do, wack 'em in the head with flower??
  • Toilet tissue and other general hygiene products
  • NO cleansers on the floor...just water. Sheesh...
  • They even considered selling their brand new state-of-the art 5th wheel RV for one of those Eco-mobiles.
  • AND here's the one that kills me:  Windshield washer fluid. Seriously?? Who comes up with this crap??
    • I think that would be called water...right?? But not tap water. Oh, no. Give me the all natural version. (I guess river water is all natural....gee I don't know!!!)
So, anywho...tonight we meet up to walk. I'm armed with my bottle of OFF. Without thinking I offered her some. Au contraire, mon frere....she has the natural stuff. (Granted, neither of us contracted West Nile, so I guess the crap works.)

So, what's your take?? I mean, I'm not going to judge or delete you if you are into natural schtuff. I'm just wondering if I'm the only one who gags when they accidentally buy organic ketchup. Seriously, Hunt's....can you just give me back the good stuff I've eaten my entire life???

Maybe we are closed-minded hillbillies. Chris won't even listen to Sheryl Crow anymore ever since she said she only used one sheet of TP on her pampered hind-end. (Ewwwww gross.)

And here's a facebook funny:

For all you single gals in a hurry to get married, here's a piece of Biblical advice: Ruth patiently waited for her mate Boaz. While waiting on YOUR Boaz, don't settle for ANY of his relatives: Brokeaz, Poaz, Lyinaz, Cheatinaz, Dumbaz, Cheapaz, Lockedupaz, Goodfornothinaz, Lazyaz, Marriedaz, and especially his third cousin Beatinyoaz. Please, wait on your Boaz; make sure he respects Yoaz!


  1. I prefer using SOAP and water to clean my floors, smells better too... And there's nothing like a good windshield wiper fluid with rainex or in the winter antifreeze, either..

    I guess I'm non-naturale...

  2. I use a lot of organic products, but mostly food products, and I don't HAVE to have it. If there is an option, and my husband has tried it and is on board with it, I choose organic. There are some organic products that just are not good (tasting wise) that I can't do. But we do some here and there. Not psyco crazy or anything about it.

  3. I like organic meats and vegetables when possible. I am afraid of all the crap they put into animals and on our plants otherwise. However, I only buy them when it is feasible and I use cleaners because, well, I want my stuff clean. I don't care what keeps the bugs off me as long as they are off me. I will use naturals or all the chemicals it takes!

  4. I try to do all natural or organic FOOD because I eat it. It actually goes into my body. I tried a natural cleaner for my counters once and it sucked! Lysol for me. Windshield wiper fluid, make up, bug spray...honestly, I couldn't care less and I don't have the money to go paying $4 extra for that stuff either. I have a friend just like yours and you know what I find interesting...her kids (and her, for that matter) get sick way more often than we do or they just feel "off" more (like allergies and stuff). More power to those people but it's not for me.

  5. If you sprinkle malt-o-meal on an ant bed, they'll die. I don't know why people make it complicated - it's like feeding rice to a seagull! lol

    That being said, I'm all for any type of lifestyle another person wants so long as they don't shove it in my face. *shrug*

  6. Some people are crazy fanatics about anything. It's in our nature to think whatever we're going at the time is the best and everyone should do it too. Some people go overboard though. Annoying!

  7. I like organic fruits, veggies, meat and milk (give me a long expiration date - anytime). Cleaning products and such = dollar store and elbow grease ... but wait ... 3 mile hike/90 degrees ?? you go, girl !

  8. I like some organic things, but not everything needs to be. I saw that on Facebook that another friend posted too and thought it was so funny!

  9. I'm as organic and natural as I can be, I guess. I'm very allergic to fragrances/perfumes so we use vinegar to clean the floors and birdcages and stuff. But I like Splenda, butter-flavored spray, and dishwasher detergent that actually CLEANS the dishes.