Thursday, August 11, 2011

Paying it forward....

Alright ladies, I did a super fast-closet clean-out this morning. I have a few things to share with you!!!

Brown zebra? stripe tunic with "sequins" @ collar, sleeves and bottom
3/4 length sleeve
Alfred Dunner Woman

Gray Sweater
(never been worn!!)

Black sweater with "fake" undershirt
3/4 sleeve
 Notations Woman

#4 Brown
Sag Harbor
18 w/ tummy minimizer

#5 Gray

A couple of things to take into "consideration"....First, remember that I am practically a midget (well, maybe not a midget - but I am 5'4) and these pants have been altered by mother-in-law. I (having zero knowledge on the subject of hemming and whatnot) assume they can be un-hemmed. Is that a word??? They were never "cut." Also, we do have three fur children, so you may get an added (and also free) bonus of a dog hair or two. Or three. None of the clothes have ever been dried. Only washed in cold water and then hung to drip dry. AND we live in a smoke-free home.

If you are interested, leave a comment letting me know what you want. I suppose the "rules of the sisterhood" are first come-first serve??? Or if I need to do a random drawing, I will. Someone let me know...this is my first contribution. (With hopefully many more to hubby just informed me of a new rule: Each month on payday I MUST spend $100 on clothes. Oh, the hardship!!!)


  1. Hi! I'd love article 2. My email address is


  2. Go husband !! :) and congrats on loosing the clothes !!

  3. I'm not participating in the clothing, but wanted to comment that I adore the look of #2!

    Also thrilled with your hubby's new rule! Too fun! Hubby and I have a completely different rule. Try to keep the spending to a minimum while I'm still in the losing phase!

  4. Can ur hubby have a talk with my boyfriend?? LOL I agree, that gray sweater is SUPER cute!! But I think first come first serve would be the way to go... I won't intercept the mail and stalk jazzingupjackie for it... ;)

  5. I don't need any of the clothes, but HEY, a midget? I'm 5'2" and as a person who is midget-ier than you, I am a LITTLE insulted. Get it? Little? ;-)

  6. Love the new rule.....let me know if it