Wednesday, August 10, 2011

¡Adiós, queso!

Took the bull by the horns. Threw half a tub of pimiento-cheese in the trash!!! No more of that in my house!!!

Now that I've had yet another day of laziness (doctor's appointment was cancelled), the butt-kicking shall begin first thing in the morning!!

My lovely mother-in-law is currently transforming a pair of pants into "city shorts" so I won't melt. Cuz, lemme tell YOU something... is HAWT out there.

Even with the wind blowing it's like stepping through the gates of hell. The pool is practically boiling.


And next week this time I will be wearing pants, socks, shoes, make-up....


Fast forward to Wednesday:

I hauled my cookies to school today. I spent over an hour out in the heat (and did not melt) watching the boys practice. I was exhausted just watching them push that sled thing around!!! I don't envy them one bit.

And, I got some great compliments. Have I told y'all I'm kind of a whore for attention these days?? One of my kiddos told his buddy, as I was walking out to the field, "Hey, look...she's like a little person!" I really don't think they realized how short I was before....just round, like a pumpkin with legs!!!

And then one of my boys told me he was proud of me for sticking with it. I think compliments from teenagers - who are usually so self-centered - are the And, of course my little cheerleader girls went crazy, yelling and whatnot. Then I was informed that my clothes are too big and I need to do something about it.

I really got more gossiping done today than anything else. It felt so good to gab with my teacher frans.  I did check most things off my list, took measurements and loaded the truck with painting projects. I even schemed up a project for Chris to work on this weekend. He soooo loves me for that one!!!

I got to peek at the Master Schedule...and that makes it official. Time to get back into the swing.

Tomorrow I'm going to a different doctor about my back. I even took some of Chris's prescription strength pain dulled the pain a little - but not much. I'm sure me loading bookcases into my truck today didn't help matters. But this whole not being able to do everything for myself sucks big old donkey noogies.

Now, it's bedtime!!! If I can get my over-inflated head through the bedroom door!!!

Oh yeah, and I am impatiently waiting for my secret bandit gift to come in the mail so I can mail it out. I am super excited about it!!!

And one last piece of advice: ALWAYS take your iron with food. (I learned that the hard way....**blech**)


  1. Can you come throw away MY cheese? I don't have the willpower to do so.

  2. Tossing out chz? Muy loco (but bueno for you and that ends my espanol. I love the compliments and agree that when they come from teens - you must really be rocking it ! Take it easy on your back !

  3. pants, socks, shoes?? You don't have to wear these things in the hot hot hot!! Go get some cute wedges, a cute little skirt and shirt. You will look fab and be soo much cooler! Target has some adorable dresses right now. Do it!

  4. I love compliments and it doesn't matter who they come from for me. They're the best!

  5. The kids must really love you are your school!

  6. Come throw away my cheese, too. Not that I've had any since Sunday... but it IS taunting me. =P

    You do look fabulous, you deserve all of those compliments! Keep up the great work. :)