Thursday, August 4, 2011

This little old woman's bandit survey...

I threw my back out. In my sleep!!! Seriously?? My lower back is on fire!! I will be heading to the doctor first thing in the morning. 31 years and I'm falling apart at the seems.

And, I took your advice - those of you who suggested my iron is low - I googled it and I have several of the side effects: longer than normal cycle (since July 20th and TOM shows no sign of leaving), lethargy, and dizziness. So, killing multiple birds with one stone I hope to take care of all my issues tomorrow. IF I don't fall completely apart before then.

And, without further's my bandit survey:

1) What is your size for shirts, pants, shoes, etc.? Any size you are inclined to post.

shirt: L or XL; Pants: 14-16; shoes: 9-10
2) Do you prefer to read with an old fashioned book, own a Kindle, EReader, Nook, or other electronic book?

I just converted to Kindle...but I love to read...I don't have a preference though!!!
3) What are your top 3-5 hobbies?
Taking pictures; editing pictures (I just figured out Printshop and it's awesome!!); fishing and swimming

4) Do you have a favorite color? If so, what is it?

I think PINK is my favorite color; but I love purple - a lot!! (It's our school color!!!)
5) What motivated you to lose weight?

I had tried everything on the planet to lose weight...I would lose 40-50 pounds....and then gain it back. I just wanted to be healthy and get some of my confidence back!!!
6) For vacations do you prefer the beach or the mountains?

I'd love to go to a real beach....not the ugly brown Gulf of Mexico that we have here in Texas!!!

Oh and guess what?? I am the brand new owner of Spanx!!! Thanks, Robin!!!!


  1. I love my Kindle ! I still go to the library and have a ton of books in my 'home' library but that does not stop me from LOVING that little light-weight baby ! I'm a purple, then pink gal !

  2. Hey! Gracie and I have fishing poles but have never been. Take us fishing, Jessi May! That would be super fun. Hers is pink - Disney princess maybe?

  3. I love that you love PINK

  4. Low iron sucks! I have had issues with it my whole life. Good luck getting that straightened out :) It makes all the difference once you get on the right suppliment!

  5. I love my Kindle. :) Not gonna lie, miss the feeling of a real book in my hands sometimes, though!

  6. Hope your back is better really soon!!

  7. I hope your back heals quickly! I love my Kindle too. Its an electronic library. Take good care of that iron problem. Have a great weekend!