Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hey, remember me??

So, I survived the entire first week of school. Seriously, someone should pass out medals or those goofy little participation trophies they hand out at pageants.

I would like to thank all of the little people who made this possible.

The teaching part of the week was a success. Of course, the second day of school I had a lovely little child drop the F bomb. So, referral to the office numero uno is out of the way. I really don't have to write many referrals...but there are some things I don't tolerate - language and disrespect.

Oh, and then there was in the incident where I went street-rat crazy yesterday. Picture me storming into the coaches office ranting and raving like a lunatic. I'm pretty sure I scared most of them. BUT, I got my point across. And, the situation (I'm a weenie, scared if I go into too much detail I will be like that teacher on the news - fired for blogging!!) remedied itself. I even got an apology.  Campbell don't take no crap.

Being the serious hurricane veteran that I am, I am praying hard and heavy for all of you gals over on the East Coast. I know how scary it is. Especially if you are a hurricane virgin. Believe me, it's no picnic.

I remember about two, maybe three, hurricanes from my childhood. Two we didn't evacuate for (I think we got some rain from one) and one we storm then either.

Then, lo and behold, I grow up, get married, have a house of my own to take care of and suddenly Southeast Texas has a billboard that screams, "Hit me!!!"

First, Katrina hits New Orleans/Mississippi Coast, scaring everyone to death. Less than a month later, Rita comes barreling straight up the Sabine River (which I live on). 7 hours to evacuate to the lake, which usually takes 2 hours and wasn't far enough.  We had 4 trees down on the house, in laws house was destroyed (they moved in with us for 6 months.), we were without power for 38 days, no water for two weeks. Hot as hell. Misery.

Then after that, it was just like they kept on coming. Big ones, small ones. We had Gustav and Humberto. Another one I don't remember. Or two. And then came Ike. We felt like veterans at this point and rode the sucker out. OMG. It was awful. We were outside in the middle of it moving cows and goats. We didn't get as much damage - but then again, we had NO TREES LEFT!!!

My advice, if they say evacuate, just do it!!!  But, really ladies, I am praying that all of you come through safely and have minimal damage.

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  1. Glad you survived the first week of school! Both my roommates are teachers and I know how rough it can be!